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Helping Chiropractors Publish A Best Selling Book To Become The Expert In Any Field

Define Your Niche. Build An Audience. Transform The Lives Of Your Patients.

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Are You Struggling To Establish Your Expert Status?

Don’t feel like you have authority or expertise?

Aren’t clear on your message or vision?

Can’t effortlessly produce valuable content?

Don’t have a niche or specialization?

Don’t stand out in the crowd of practitioners?

Want to write a book but don’t know how?

“Using the scripts for the seminar and the structure you provided meant I could follow what you did and do a job I was happy with. Over 40 new patients, an increase of more than 80 visits per week and over $200,000.00 [in collections, including nearly $60,000.00 in pre-pays] from one seminar was an excellent start for a new graduate.”

Dr. See Yeung Yao


Write a Best
Selling Book

Learn how to effortlessly write a quality book that defines you as an expert and transforms the lives of your patients and community while driving a flood of new patients to your office.

Create A Community Presentation

Learn how to share your message in a compelling way inspiring action, bringing about powerful change so as to have people knocking down the doors to begin care with you.

Build An In-Office Program

Create a life-changing patient journey that meets the patient where they are now (often in pain and need your help) and leads them to where they need to be (lifetime wellness care).

Author Mastery Can Help You Become An Expert In All Types Of Niches

Neck Pain

Low Back Pain

Whiplash Injuries

Peak Performance Health

Disc Problems

Pediatric Care

Stress & Executive Health

Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Care


Sports Injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Chiropractic Philosophy & Wellness

Everyone has a book hiding inside of them…we help bring it out!

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Discover How Author Mastery Has Helped Chiropractors Like You Write A Best Selling Book & Grow Their Practices

How Does Author Mastery Help You Become A Best Selling Author & Expert In Any Field?

The Expert Alchemy Blueprint is a 7-step process to write your new patient-attracting book quickly and easily!

We will detail the breakthrough question that helps you to identify your niche that has the power to impact your readers, community and practice members and grow your practice with a flood of new patients.

The process will align with your chiropractic principles and philosophies, your practice model, leveraging your success as an author to rapidly grow your practice and more powerfully benefit your patients.

We will blueprint speaking engagements, high-end patient programs and advanced income-generating methods before your book is even published.


"After my call with Dr. Marcus, I learned how I could create the contents of a book in a few hours. Dr. Marcus has the ability to pull wonderful information form each of his clients' unique experiences to make a great memorable book."
Dr. Kris Arnold



"Writing a book can be a scary thought and working with Dr. Marcus has really simplified the process. He’s really great at drawing ideas out of you and understanding not just how to draw the book out, but what’s the next step."
Dr. Andrew Powell



"Author Mastery helps you get your thoughts together if you want to publish your book. They helped me organize, structure, plan, and get the thoughts out of my head. I highly recommend it."
Dr. Bergur Konradsson



"Marcus inspired me to write my book. The process Marcus brought me through is so easy. It has got so much information out of me and its pertinent information for people to know about my expertise. Marcus is an absolute genius at doing that."
Dr. Brett Grant


Here Are Some Of The Results We Can Help You Achieve

The Arthritis Solution

Amazon bestseller, learn how this book generated a million-dollar increase in practice sales over three years.

Self-Mastery Program

Amazon bestseller, learn how this book generated 1,756 clients from 17 countries and an online training program.

Sleep Apnea Solution

Learn how this Amazon bestseller established a unique and distinctive niche with a powerful in-practice program.

When I Truly Express Myself

Learn how this book was used to improve patient service, create a gifting culture and introduce personal development within the practice.

Exercising through The Golden Years

Learn how this book established a niche offering treatment and education to the elderly, improving their mobility and independence.

Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Learn how this book created a new business opportunity beyond operating a chiropractic practice and expand into practice consulting.

Are You Our Next Best-Seller?

Let us help you write a best-selling book, craft a keynote presentation and produce an in practice program to rapidly grow your practice.

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How The Expert Alchemy Process Works

To become the “go to” expert in your field and fill your practice with patients you love to see, that you’re excited to help the Author Mastery program has a 3-step process we call Expert Alchemy Process.

1. Craft The
Compelling Message
of Your Book

You have a book within you—we’ll show you how to bring it out, publish it and get it into the hands of readers who want the care you offer.

2. Define The Transformation Of Your Patient

What are the specific and definable outcomes, benefits and results patients get as a result of implementing and applying your material.

3. Deliver That Care In-House & Powerfully Impact Their Lives

We’ll help you design, develop and implement a proprietary system of your creation that will increase patient outcomes and retention.

Expert Author Master Class

3 videos to help you outline your book and grow your practice.

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How Does Author Mastery Help You Become An Expert?

Design, develop & implement a proprietary system

Learn the Effortless Writing Method

Learn Where To Get Help Editing Your Book

Key Graphic Design Principles

Craft Your Keynote Presentation

Book Promote Strategies

Publish Secrets

Identify Your Niche

Maintain Momentum

What Is Not Being Seen As An Expert Costing You?

You are an expert. Really!

You’re an expert of the spine and the nervous system. You’re an expert in your field and have knowledge that your patients, the community and other practitioners don’t have.

There’s a problem! Your patients and the community don’t know this!

Perhaps there’s an even bigger problem—you don’t believe it. You do not give yourself the credit you deserve for the knowledge you have. You are not being paid your worth. You are not seeing the number of patients you deserve.

Not claiming your expertise status is robbing you and your practice of the opportunity to serve your patients and the community. It limits the number of new patients who are coming to you for your expertise. It reduces your conversion rate because you and the patient doubt your authority. It limits your retention because patients do not fully understand the care they are receiving and the message you have for them.

Being an author overcomes all of this. Write your book. Share your message. Become a recognised expert, the go-to practitioner in your area—and watch your practice grow, your profits increase and your impact on the health and lives of your patients transform.

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