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What exactly is Author Mastery?

Author Mastery is the program we have created to help chiropractors write a bestselling book, craft a keynote presentation and deliver a specialised care program in-house to rapidly and dramatically grow their practice. I will show you exactly how to effortlessly write a bestselling book and grow your practice—having written two bestselling books and increased my practice by over a million dollars within three years (as well as being a chiropractor)—I know exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go.

What is self-publishing?

Traditional publishing is where you write a book and a publishing house prints and promotes your book for you by putting it on shelves in bookstores around the world. That is completely different to self-publishing, where you write the book, publish the book and promote the book yourself—allowing you to be a published author in order to demonstrate the expertise in your field. The Author Mastery program will show you exactly how to write, publish and promote your book to bestseller status and succeed—despite not having a publishing house behind you!

Why self-publish?

The truth is, publishing houses have criteria that prevent almost anybody with a good idea, expertise or knowledge from publishing a book. Self-publishing allows you to get your message out there, demonstrate your expertise and become a bestseller helping your community, educating your patients and growing your practice. It’s far easier than you’ve ever imagined—in fact, I would say it is completely necessary for a chiropractor. Because there is no authority without author.

Why should I write a book?

The real questions are: Do you want to be considered an expert in your field? Do you want to have more new patients calling you up wanting the care that you provide? Do you want to rapidly and sustainably grow your practice? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions—you need to write a book. A person who writes a book is automatically seen as an expert—and you are an expert, whether you recognise it or not. In the Author Mastery program, we will demonstrate to you how you are already an expert in your field, how to take that expertise and put it in writing—becoming a bestselling author—and creating a flood of new patients coming into your practice already committed to the care that you deliver.

Why should you write a book? Because it is the number one way to sustainably grow your practice and impact the health and lives of your patients and the community. It is as simple as that!

But I am not a writer, I am a chiropractor—and I don’t know how to write a book, is it even possible for me?

Seriously, it must be hard to write a book?

Seriously, it is far easier than you’ve ever imagined. In fact, you have already written your book! It’s true, you just don’t realise it. Every time you deliver education to your patient, provide recommendations or provide advice—you are choosing words to inform, educate, inspire and help your patients—these words have transformed thousands of lives already—and if you were to simply say them into a microphone, those words would form a book. I will show you exactly how to effortlessly clarify your message and write a book in a powerful and compelling way that patients love hearing. How many times have you had a patient after you’ve explained chiropractic or provided them with an explanation of why and what is happening and their eyes light up! This is how easy it is to write a book—and I’ll show you how.

What does it cost?

In truth, it doesn’t cost—it pays! It will generate hundreds of new patients and hundreds and thousands of dollars in additional income—and we’ll show you exactly how throughout the Author Mastery program.

I know… you want to know your upfront investment. Honestly, it is insignificant compared to what you are going to get back, but the answer is it depends on what level of help you need. We have created a few different levels of support from completely online training all the way up to a written for you option.

What niche should I write in?

This is a powerful question and it depends on what your interests and preferences are. Think for a moment who your favourite patient is. If you had hundreds of these patients, all happily coming in your practice and willingly pay—who are they? Is it sportspeople, executives or families? Is it kids or golden oldies? Once you know who it is you love to see most of all—that is an area that you could develop a specialisation in—a niche. We will show you how to determine your niche and write specifically to this niche to grow this area of your practice.

How do I get more information?

If you’d like more information on the Author Mastery program—sign up for a free Strategy Session call where I will walk through everything you need to know in order to identify your niche, clarify the book you want to write and the process by which you can produce a bestseller with confidence and certainty.

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