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Meet Dr. Marcus

Dr. Marcus Chacos


Dr. Marcus Chacos is a passionate chiropractor. He loves chiropractic and loves to serve his patients and the community.

In addition to running a successful chiropractic practice—Dr. Chacos is a bestselling author. Dr. Chacos has authored two Amazon bestsellers including:

The Arthritis Solution: Proven Strategies to Prevent, Manage and Alleviate the Pain of Arthritis Naturally, and

Self-Mastery: Personal Empowerment Creating The Life You Desire.

Dr. Chacos has also collaborated with other chiropractors and healthcare experts to write books, develop speaking programs and develop niche-based care programs within practices to help chiropractors grow their businesses, serve their community more effectively and increase their profitability.

Dr. Chacos created the Author Mastery program to help chiropractors publish a bestselling book and become an expert in any field.

If you’d like to craft the compelling message of the book you have always wanted to write, create a powerful keynote presentation or deliver amazing care in your office that dramatically impacts the lives of your patients—the Author Mastery program is designed to help you effortlessly place you as an authority in the minds of your community and patients, creating a flood of new patients entering your practice.

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