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How To Define Your Niche—And Write To A Specific Audience

By November 20, 2020December 3rd, 2020No Comments

You’ve decided to write your book, great! Congratulations, it is going to be a wonderful journey for you.

Are you hoping for a bestseller?

You bet!

I love your conviction.

Want to know a secret? When you put into words what you want to say about your care, about a program within your practice, or about the knowledge, skills and abilities you have in a specific niche—it demonstrates, firstly to yourself, your level of expertise. You prove to yourself that you are an authority.

With this profound certainty and confidence in yourself, your knowledge, skills and abilities—you share your message with your community and with your patients. That self-belief, the self- confidence that writing a book provides—expands your brand, enhances your self-image and places you confidently in the eyes of the reader—and that becomes a powerful and attractive force. They now not only know you, they know you for who you are—a knowledgeable, confident expert in their field that has a powerful, compelling and meaningful message to share.

This is the power of niche-based marketing!

When you write in a niche, when you demonstrate expertise—people want to read your book. They want to learn from you. They are going to want to come into your practice and experience your care.

Your Niche Is Your Ideal Patient

Chiropractors want to help everyone. Whoever wants an adjustment we are only too happy to oblige.

The problem with this—you can’t be all things to all people. It simply doesn’t work.

Yes, we can most certainly adjust whoever comes into our practice—but from a marketing, attraction and outreach perspective—the more narrow our focus, the more effective we are at targeting that market and reaching them with our message.

So, I want to reflect for a moment on a very important question: who is your preferred or ideal patient? This, in part, answers the question of what niche you want to operate in?

I know, you want to see everyone: executives, families, sports people. Everyone who’s got a spine and a pulse! I get it! For the time being, do this exercise.

Who do you love seeing most in your practice? Who, if everyone was like them, would you be happy to see? If you had hundreds of these people walking though your door, who would be the person that you are most happy to see?

Is it executives, mothers with children, athletes, or people with neurodegenerative conditions? Is it people with arthritis, people who want to achieve peak performance and wellness—who is it that you would be happy having hundreds of in your practice—write it down.

Now, think about what those people want, the solutions they’re after, the information they need to know and understand and the message you would provide them.

There you have it: your niche—and your book idea.

Write for your preferred patient and use your book as a launch pad to outreach, educate and impact the health and lives of these people.


How writing a book allowed me to specialise and create a world-class, in-house wellness program

When I decided to write my book The Arthritis Solution: Prevent, Manage and Alleviate the Pain of Arthritis—Naturally! it came about when my father was diagnosed with debilitating arthritis and I wanted to learn everything I could to help him. University had not prepared me—but I was prepared to do the work to uncover the path to healing.

As a result of my study and implementing what I had learned I began having some incredible success in practice with patients who presented with arthritic and degenerative conditions. My success is not unique, many chiropractors see significant symptomatic, structural and functional change as a result of chiropractic care. However, because of the results I was achieving, I was getting numerous referrals with people experiencing degenerative change wanting a solution.

An idea was born—people wanted a solution for their arthritis, they wanted an arthritis solution. The chiropractic care and lifestyle programs I was delivering were providing this solution.

So, why not document the process more clearly and provide a definitive care plan and patient journey?

That’s exactly what I did. I began piecing together, in a clear and structured approach, exactly what I was doing with my patients to get the results. What I was able to produce was a step-by-step blueprint of what I would do with patients as they presented to the practice; the care that I would give them, the lifestyle programs I would incorporate and the step-by-step educational and change processes they would go through.

I was able to create The Arthritis Solution transformational program. I documented this within my book and it became the specific methodology I used for patients within my practice.

Patients loved the clarity, the certainty and the structure. They were grateful to know the journey that was in front of them and what was expected of them—as well as what we anticipated to take place as a result of their commitment to their care program.

The result, I had an in-house care program that clients loved, committed to and benefitted from. It was a true win-win—and writing the book made all of this possible.

If you have a niche that you enjoy working in and if you have a method, protocol or approach you use to help patients get great results in that area—writing a book helps you distil your understanding, clarify the journey and provide authority that you are the expert in producing outcomes in this particular area of interest.

It worked for me—it can work for you as well.

Do I Need A Niche?

Yes—and no. But really the answer is yes.

In order to target your market, you must know your market. Part of knowing your market is being clear on what that market is—and this is your niche.

When you know what your niche is, you write to that niche. You communicate with that market.

A general book will get a general response, which means very little in terms of book sales. “A niche” book gets a targeted response—which translates to people with a specific need and interest responding with focused and targeted purchasing.

So, while you may benefit from having a general book—you will benefit far more by having a specific book, in a specific market, targeting a specific niche.

So, yes. Write for your market. Target that market—develop an expertise on niche area.

Niche down, profit up

A niche lets you specialize and demonstrate your authority in a distinct area. Let me give you an example:

There are many chiropractors that recognise there is a profound and positive impact on stress for removing interference to the nervous system. These chiropractors often work with executives, helping them to build resilience, manage stress and function at peak levels to be able to continually perform in their role.

Here is how niche down, profit up works:

  1. You can write one book on stress.
  2. Or you can write six books on the subcategories of stress, such as anxiety, depression, panic disorders, energy, psychological resilience, the neuroscience of chiropractic—and the list goes on.

The profitability of one book being published and the status it provides versus publishing six books and the increased authority of six books in a given topic compared to the one book is significant.

Being an author is one thing—having a niche within which you write and dominate—that’s something entirely different!

It also allows you to charge more, be seen as an expert and become the go-to practitioner in your region.

So, my recommendation is simple: write a book in a specific niche! If you’d like to find out how, reach out at:

Author Mastery

Helping chiropractors publish a best selling book to become the expert in any field. Define your niche. Build an audience. Transform the lives of your patients.

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