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The Powerful Impact of Writing A Book

By November 17, 2020December 3rd, 2020No Comments
Impact of Writing A Book

Looking through your practice crystal ball—what future do you see?

Is there an abundance of new patients stampeding into your practice?

Are you considered an authority, an expert in your field?

Are patients committing to a specific, detailed wellness program that is designed to transform their health and quality of life?

Are you more profitable than you have ever been, impacting the health and lives of far more people than you have ever imagined?

If this is not the future that you are seeing—it’s time to create it.

A way to create it, writing a book, creating an avalanche of new patients who love your care, are committed to your care and remain in your care—while creating health and lifestyle transformation beyond what would be considered reasonable for more practitioners. Not only that, you are beloved. Beloved by your patients and the community—because you have shared a powerful and compelling story about health and lifestyle transformation.

Your book has become a bestseller—and the impact that status has had upon your practice, on your life and your ability to serve your patients and the community creates personal satisfaction that is beyond rewarding—it is fulfilling.

The Unrelenting Benefits Of Writing A Book

There are so many benefits to writing a book. So many reasons that now is the right time, here’s just a few of them:

  1. Build or grow your practice. Simple, all of the points below will demonstrate how this is a natural and expected outcome!
  2. Royalties from book sales. Make money while you sleep, with sales remote from where you are, with people who do not even know you and may never meet you.
  3. Leads for your practice. Your book gives you the opportunity to share your message with your community. If it’s a good message and you target the right people—those people would want to know more about you and your practice—and that’s a good thing! The most exciting thing, instead of you paying for leads, such as doing Facebook advertising to get people to know more about your practice—you get paid for the leads. They buy your book, give you their money. Then, they find out about your practice—and give you more money!
  4. Speaking engagements. You will have the opportunity to do seminars, workshops and presentations in the topic area of your book. This means more exposure, the possibility of more income for your presentations as well as more leads for your practice. The wins just keep adding up!
  5. Being a recognised authority or expert in your field. There is something special about putting your words in print. The moment you have a book, you are perceived differently. People see you as an expert—and that status affords you the opportunity to be more easily marketed and to be more valued within the marketplace.
  6. Your book is great public relations. Having a book allows you to do press releases, announcements and other public relation activities, which increases the exposure of your practice. The greater the exposure of your practice, the more leads you will generate, and the greater opportunity to increase your patient volume.
  7. Greater impact on marketing activities. Whatever marketing you do, whenever you talk about yourself or your practice and outreach to the community—your message is embellished by the words: Dr. [insert your name here], author of the Amazon bestseller [title of your book]. Those words alone add appeal to your marketing, increasing your conversions and therefore effectiveness—which translates to increased profitability!
  8. The creation of a specialised care program that is derived from your book. Part of writing your book should be the creation of a unique system that you have within your practice, or at least a unique way of doing what is commonplace within a chiropractic practice. This will allow you to develop a specialised care plan or care process that is unique to your practice, that is part of your specialisation and which differentiates you from other practitioners.
  9. The creation of a coaching arm of your practice. In addition to your chiropractic services, by writing a book you may also have the opportunity to coach patients, whether you create coaching groups within your practice or as part of an online process.
  10. Additional products and services. Your book may allow you to expand your product and service range. Whether it is a unique care program that you deliver or extended services beyond your existing care plans. Equally, when you have a book, you can extend the product range around that to print book/digital book, audio book and online education that is an extension of the book. These additional products and services, when made available at speaking engagements, increase the profitability of your presentation.
  11. Guest appearances. Being a published author brings some notoriety. You may get invitations to do interviews on radio, podcasts, or even guest blogging. Again, all of this offers you greater exposure and serves to be able to place you and your practice at the forefront in the minds of your community.
    Your book is a roadmap for your message and marketing activities. Every one of your chapters could represent a radio or podcast interview, a speech or presentation—not only channelling your message—but directing your marketing activities.
  12. Your book is a salesman in print. It is constantly reaching out to people, sharing your message and telling your story—bringing new leads into your practice, creating new patients who want, trust and appreciate the care you are offering and the education you are delivering. And, this sales force is working 24 hours a day.
  13. Greater conversions to care. How does a book increase the likelihood of a patients who comes in to see you, committing to care? Simple, the book establishes a connection, a relationship—it builds trust even before they meet you. If they trust you and believe in your recommendations, they are more likely to commit to care. Equally, they have a clear understanding, more so than patients who have not read your book, about you, your care, your recommendations and the reason behind why they need the care you are recommending. By the time somebody has read your book, has an initial consultation, had X-rays and is ready for report of findings and care plan delivery—if they’ve come that far, they are already committed!
  14. Grow and expand your network. Your book will create relationships that you did not expect, you will connect with people that will unfold opportunities for you that you had never even imagined. It’s not just about the sales the book provides or the clients—it’s the opportunities that will come in unexpected places; from influences to industry leaders, from television appearances to being onstage alongside other celebrities. Writing a book can transform your life, not just your practice.

Prestige. Wow. Respect.

The compounding value of each of the reasons demonstrate how essential it is for you to write a book—but I haven’t cited these three reasons, which may very well be the most compelling:


There is nothing more prestigious than having a book in print. A blog, a podcast, a Twitter feed. All good. All valuable—none of these compare to the prestige of being a published author.

It is the wow factor of having a published book that makes all the difference. Secretly, most people want to write a book—and when they see you as a published author, there’s a little bit of envy. There is a higher degree of appreciation for you and your achievements. In their mind, they are like, “Wow—this is amazing!”

Which of course, engenders respect—and if you’re respected, you’re valued. And if you’re valued, they are likely to listen to you. If they value and listen to your information, in their minds you’re an expert. If you’re an expert, you are one step closer towards being able to impact their lives.

Is it really possible to grow your practice by writing a book?

Do you recognise these names?

  • Dr Joe Dispenza
  • Dr John Demartini
  • Dr Joseph Mercola
  • Dr Josh Axe
  • Dr Anthony William
  • Dr Deepak Chopra

Perhaps you recognise these names because they are published authors. They were able to increase their exposure through their writing—and they are more successful as a result. The same can be true for you.

You may not get an international bestseller as a result of your writing—although, depending on your desire, your willingness to improve your writing, promote and market yourself, that may well happen. If it doesn’t, your community will know more about you. Your patients will value you more—and your practice will grow, you will experience greater success and be seen as an expert.

Yes, being a published author has the capacity to dramatically improve your status, your position, your success, your profitability and your exposure within the community. There are no good reasons not to write—and hundreds of good reasons to write your book.

What is the most positive and dramatic impact you can imagine that being a published author could have on your practice and life?

The unrealised, absolute need of you writing a book!

You need to write a book! You need to write a book as soon as possible!!

Why? Yes, your status will benefit. Your practice will benefit. Your patients and the community will benefit—there are a whole host of beneficial reasons—yet, most people do not realise one of the most significant and beneficial reasons for you writing a book…

The chiropractic profession needs you to write your book!

There are hundreds of thousands of authors out there and thousands and thousands of genres—still, chiropractic might be one of the most compelling and significant topic areas available. In fact, chiropractic is as necessary in the reading market as it is for the health and lives of our patients and the community.

Imagine this, tens of thousands of new patients joining practices all over the world because they’ve come to know and understand what chiropractic is, the benefits of chiropractic—and what chiropractic means for their health and that of their families!

Hundreds, if not thousands of chiropractors authoring books could bring about this shift. This shift could bring about the status of the entire chiropractic profession, not just the author’s practices.
You write a book. Other chiropractors write their books. A mass of chiropractors—all with bestsellers—could change community sentiment and understanding about chiropractic, placing chiropractic in the minds of millions of readers.

Wow, what a compelling vision!

So, get writing!

If you don’t know how or where to start—email us at [email protected].

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